Innovative. Sustainable. Proven.

Siltworm is founded on the premise that there is a more cost effective, responsible way to mitigate erosion and control sediment in order to maintain a more ecologically friendly job-site. After 16 years in residential and commercial construction, Siltworm founder Joe Moore pursued the industry of erosion control and set out to facilitate the development of a rolled filtered product that is more reliable, bio-degradable, easier to install and sets a higher standard of expectation. In the erosion control arena, Joe and his team have diligently worked with third party testing to simplify the process and expedite a more cost effective alternative to traditional means of controlling erosion. The data is undeniable – Siltworm technology is not only sustainable, but the best performing. Our teams's passion and energy toward erosion and sediment control education has helped grow the knowledge and acceptance of SILTWORM nationwide. We are excited to see what the future holds for this changing industry!