Siltworm is a polypropylene, geotextile tube filled with a proprietary blend of 100% recycled, kiln-dried, material. The wood filler retains an increased volume of water, which prevents or reduces rill erosion. With superior filtration rates and ease of installation, your erosion control becomes both environmentally friendly and economical.

Siltworm, which is oval to round in cross section, provides a three-dimensional filter that retains sediment and other pollutants (suspended solids, nutrients, and motor oil) while allowing clean water to flow through. Siltworm is used in place of traditional sediment and erosion control products such as silt fence, straw waddles and compost socks.


Heavy vegetation should be cut down or removed and extremely uneven surfaces should be leveled to ensure uniform contact between the Siltworm and the installation surface. Arrange Siltworm around the perimeter of the site and perpendicular to storm water flow. In sites with a grade greater than 13% or in a ditch-check application, Siltworm can be staked or stacked for additional security. It is recommended to overlap adjacent Siltworm by 6” (see attached installation manual).


  • No equipment, staking or trenching required.
  • Can be placed directly onto frozen ground or concrete.
  • Can be used in ditch check application.
  • Can be used as inlet protection for storm drains or to reduce water flow in small ditches.
  • The ends of Siltworm can angled in the direction of the slope to prevent storm water from escaping around the ends.


Siltworm should be inspected regularly, and after each rainfall event, to ensure the area behind the sock is not filled with sediment. If excessive ponding occurs behind the Siltworm or if the Siltworm becomes overtopped, an additional Siltworm should be added on top or in front of the existing Siltworm without disturbing the accumulated sediment. If the Siltworm is overtopped during a storm event, additional Siltworm can be placed on top of the original, additional Siltworm can be placed further up the slope, and/or additional BMP can be installed, such as a compost blanket in conjunction with the Siltworm.


Siltworm is an eco-friendly product – the mesh is photodegradable over an extended period of time (orange netting 1year, black netting 3) and the wood filler is biodegradable. You may re-use Siltworm and transfer from site to site, also easy disposal– simply use a razor blade to cut the mesh and allow the chips to fall to the ground, very little waste left compared to traditional means of erosion control.

Miscellaneous Uses

Siltworm can also be used in concrete wash-out areas and around inlets as an added form of protection. It has also been used by Fire and Police Departments to filter oil, etc. at accident sites and by landscape companies to protect tree roots and contain mulch beds.


We have revolutionized shipping for rolled filter socks. By maximizing space and minimizing waste, we are able to keep shipping costs down and keep Siltworm competitively priced compared to other similar BMP’s.

Siltworm Certified Installation Program

Ensures Quality Control for Siltworm Installation and Maintenance. Continuing education is provided to our certified installers as well as, access to our sales and customer service teams. Contact to find out how your company can become a certified installer.